5 reasons to play Lotterium, the online cryptocurrency lottery
Cryptocurrency online lotteries and casinos have become a real trend in the online gaming industry. Why this happened, you can read in the article Cryptocurrencies in online casinos and lotteries: 7 reasons for their popularity. Every day, new online gaming platforms appear where players can bet using cryptocurrencies and receive winnings in crypto.

Today we want to introduce you to a new and promising cryptocurrency online lottery - Lotterium. Let us tell you why you should try Lotterium right now.

There are five reasons for this.
1. Bets and winnings only in cryptocurrency!
Lotterrium is a modern online lottery that successfully combines games that don’t require special skills, colorful online casino visualization and cryptocurrency. In Lotterium, you can only deposit and withdraw game funds in cryptocurrencies, at the moment these are Bitcoin and Tether. Shortly, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies will be added to the available range. Your deposited cryptocurrency will be automatically converted into the game currency LTU (lotteriums). You can withdraw the winnings to your wallet in the same cryptocurrency that you have on your balance.

Lotterium is a great opportunity to get new experiences and vivid emotions in the world of cryptocurrencies. Chat with like-minded people from the crypto world, play, have fun, and boost your finances!
2. Winning in Lotterium is a more realistic prospect than winning in a casino.
The game mechanics of Lotterium are more stable than those used in casinos, which gives the player a better chance of winning. The chance to win is guaranteed by such a game parameter as RTP (Return to Player). This indicator shows the expected percentage of the probability of winning (payback) a particular game. The higher the RTP, the greater the chance of winning in the long run.

Lotterium guarantees you a fixed 95% RTP for every game. This means you can expect to get 95 LTU back for every 100 LTU you bet (in the long run). This is a big advantage over casinos.

A stable RTP in Lotterium is provided by special lottery mechanics. In Lotterium, a list of outcomes for all games in the app is pre-generated in advance. These are game codes, the e-analogues of lottery tickets. When a user clicks Play, they are essentially pulling one lottery ticket from the stack. None of the development team knows what sequence is in each of the slots, and therefore can’t influence the course of the game. The Lotterium online lottery and its mechanics are certified under the laws of Curacao, which means that all the declared parameters correspond to the real ones.

The chances of winning are always the same which makes the Lotterium games fair. This means, every spin is independent and does not have any connection to previous spins by you or other players. Any comparisons to hot and cold slot machines (machines that just paid out etc) is just a myth.
3. Legality, fair payouts and no taxes.
Lotterium is operated by Chance Capital B.V., a company registered and established under the laws of Curacao. Lotterium winnings are not taxed. Bets and payouts in Lotterium take place exclusively in cryptocurrency, so you do not have to deal with expensive and annoying intermediaries in the form of banks.
4. Bonuses, referral program and VIP program.
Clients who actively play Lotterium, follow our news in social networks and participate in our referral program, regularly get the opportunity to play the Bonus Game. This is a no-lose game, where you can win cash prizes up to 1000 LTU. You don't have to bet from your account balance, it's free! This means even more chances to win!
5. Vivid impressions and positive emotions.
Lotterium brings you over 30 vibrant and exciting slots designed by our in-house game developers, the best specialists in the industry. In every game you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere of vivid emotions. You will plunge into the carnival atmosphere of the Night in Rio, feel the spirit of adventure in the Book of Treasures, try to unravel the Secret of Alice, feel the magic of the Wild Witch and will surely find the Keys of Love. Each slot features prize symbols and bonus games, free spins and big wins.

In addition, fans of the classics can try their luck in games like Keno, Heads or Tails, or launch a spin of the Wheel of Fortune. Enjoy your game with Lotterium!