Best wallets for crypto gambling 2022
Many betting websites already accept cryptocurrency. It’s beneficial for both the players and the website itself. Users won't have to worry that the bank will block the transaction, and the casino will save on acquiring. Furthermore, in countries where credit card payments are generally prohibited on gambling websites, cryptocurrency is the only payment option.

To pay with cryptocurrency on gambling websites, you need a crypto wallet. There are hundreds of crypto wallets on the market, and newbies are faced with a difficult choice. Which wallet are they to choose: web, desktop, mobile, hot, cold, single-currency, multi-currency one?
What properties should a good crypto wallet for gambling have?
When choosing a wallet, you should ask yourself a few questions:

1) What device/platform do you most often enter the casino from? Is it a computer, a smartphone, or both? Web wallets work across all platforms, while other wallets are designed to be installed on either desktop or a mobile device. If you use gambling websites both from a laptop and a phone, preference is clearly given to cross-platform apps.

2) What cryptocurrencies are supported? Most players pay with Bitcoin, but this may not be the only option. Ideally, a wallet that supports digital currencies on different blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is better than a single-currency one.

3) How secure is the app? First of all, search the Internet for articles about the wallet you want to get. Has it ever been hacked? Were there any cases of theft? Has it passed any security audit?

4) Also, find out if the wallet is registered in the US. If the app is governed by US law, please read the user agreement carefully, as it is likely that the wallet cannot be used on gambling websites. A famous example is Coinbase, where if you are caught transacting at a casino, your Coinbase account will be closed.

The recently launched online cryptocurrency lottery, Lotterium, supports the deposit and withdrawal game funds in Bitcoin and Tether. To help you make your choice, in this review we will list several BTC and USDT wallets that are popular among users of crypto gambling platforms.
1. Blockstream Green.
Blockstream has been building an infrastructure around bitcoin since 2014, and their Green Wallet is part of that infrastructure. Green is positioned as a wallet that combines security, privacy and complete control.

During the process of creating a wallet, you choose a network (Bitcoin or Liquid), a signature (single or multi-signature), write down a seed phrase (12 or 24 words) and set a pin code. The program can be integrated with Blockstream Jade, Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

  • Available for PC and smartphones
  • Integration with hardware wallets
  • Segwit support and fee tracking
  • Support for 11 languages
  • Availability of API
  • Pin code
  • Multi-signature

  • For BTC only
2. Electrum.
Electrum is one of the oldest bitcoin wallets, launched in 2011. It is an open source wallet available for PC and Android and is fast, secure and easy to use. Electrum wallet is one of the oldest bitcoin wallets available on the market.

The platform is compatible with Mac and Windows. It can be integrated with hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger. The downside of the wallet is that it only supports Bitcoin.

  • Available for PC and Android
  • Open source
  • High security
  • Notifications about new transactions
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Simple interface
  • Can be integrated with a hardware wallet

  • For BTC only;
  • Not available for iOS.
4. Atomic.
Atomic Wallet is a decentralized exchange with an intuitive interface and excellent security. This platform offers customers over 300 tokens and cryptocurrencies.

The key feature of this wallet is the Atomic Swaps feature, which allows for DeFi exchanges. The wallet supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether and is a suitable platform for beginner crypto users.

  • Intuitive interface and easy navigation
  • Supports over 300 coins and tokens (including BTC and USDT)
  • Never been hacked
  • Web, mobile and desktop platforms
  • NFT gallery
  • Buying crypto with bank cards.

  • Doesn't currently support hardware wallets
No one can say with certainty which of the many crypto wallets is the best. However, if you are going to use the wallet primarily for depositing and withdrawing funds from gambling websites, it makes sense to choose one that supports more than just Bitcoin.

Another important factor is support for different platforms. Mobile wallets usually have a stylish design and support for one-two-touch payments using QR codes. But if you also play on a PC, you may find it inconvenient to reach for your phone each time you need to top up your account.

Choosing and installing a cryptocurrency wallet can take you several hours. But such a matter should not be rushed. After all, a safe and convenient crypto wallet will serve you for many years, including for betting in crypto lotteries.