Lotterium online lottery:
how the game mechanics work
Players often don’t grasp the difference between an online lottery and an online casino. The differences between these types of gaming lie primarily in the mechanics that are hidden under the colorful visual shell of the slots. The mechanics of the online lottery is reliable and gives the player a high chance of winning a certain percentage of the amount of bets made. Let's see how the lottery mechanics work and what is hidden “under the bonnet” of the Lotterium online lottery.
What is the difference between a casino and a lottery
Online casinos operate on the basis of a pseudo-random number generator to determine the winner, and the system can’t guarantee the transparency of the game. In addition, the casino doesn’t have a strict framework on the execution of the prize pool. It is these aspects that don’t inspire confidence in casinos among players. But on the other hand, they are all present in lottery mechanics, thereby providing mechanisms for controlling the course of the game.

All paper lotteries are based on the technology of matching a combination of numbers or symbols with those of the winning combinations. A player buys a ticket with pre-printed sequences of random numbers and then crosses off the numbers that match those drawn in the lottery machine during live broadcast. If all the numbers on the ticket are crossed off within the set number of moves, a player wins some kind of prize. Also, there are instant lotteries where a player can purchase a lottery ticket at specialized lottery shops. A player draws one ticket from those offered by the seller, scratches off the protective layer and sees whether he won or lost. The Lotterium online lottery works on the same principle. The only difference is that this mechanic works through algorithms within the system.
How the Lotterium online lottery works
Lotterium is an online lottery that is designed and operated exclusively in the world of cryptocurrencies, no fiat involved. Players deposit on their accounts and receive their winnings in cryptocurrencies, currently in Bitcoin and Tether, but this list will expand. Lotterium is a fantastic app that contains over 30 vibrant slots of our own design. While visually resembling a casino, Lotterium is based on lottery mechanics and guarantees you the fixed 95% RTP for each and every game. This is a big advantage over online casinos. So, how does the lottery mechanics work, and how does it ensure transparency of the game?

In Lotterium, a list of outcomes for all games in the app is pre-generated in advance. This is a reference sequence that contains the value of the bet (from 0.2 to 50 credits), the number of bets, as well as the outcome for each particular game. For example, for a bet of 0.2 credits, the winning ticket will contain consecutive images of banana, lemon, strawberry, and for the next bet - lemon, strawberry, kiwi, etc. This is the full outcome of the events of the game. Thus, a pre-generated list of game codes forms a digital stack of lottery tickets. Every time when a user clicks Play, they are essentially pulling one lottery ticket from the stack, which is assigned a specific number. The content of this ticket is already configured and consists of the pictures that a user will see, as well as the pledged prize.

Reference sequences are generated complete with their index sequences. The index sequences are essentially numbers from 1 to N, where N is the number of lottery tickets in the digital stack. The resulting numbers of the index sequence are then mixed and encrypted. Thus, none of the development team knows what sequence is in each of the slots, and therefore can’t influence the course of the game. The Lotterium online lottery and its mechanics are certified, which means that all the declared parameters correspond to the real ones.

After pressing Play, the first combination in the sequence is decrypted using special keys stored on the server. The system receives the deciphered number and selects the corresponding line, as if the player were drawing a lottery ticket from the digital stack. When a user “opens” this ticket, i.e. starts the game in the app, he sees the content that was generated even before this slot was launched. Whether it's a winning ticket or not, depends entirely on luck.
When starting a new game and making different bets, a user each time draws one of the digital lottery tickets from the stack. At the same time, a player gets a huge selection of modern and vibrant slots. Our games are not digital analogues of typical paper tickets transferred to a digital playing field, but a source of excitement and fun. While playing the Lotterium online lottery, you will visit different countries and eras, and immerse yourself in the world of fairytale characters. Here, you can spend the Night in Rio, get into the spirit of adventure in the Book of Treasures and the Golden Mine, feel the charm of the Wild Witch and the Magic of the Forest, be reborn with the Rising Phoenix. Fans of classic games will find there the popular Keno, Head or Tails, etc. The visual design is just a modern trend, but “under the bonnet” of Lotterium lies a reliable lottery mechanic.

The Lotterium online lottery is not just fun and games. You can try your luck and get the opportunity to quickly and legally increase your cryptocurrency holdings.